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Application Process

A1. How can I sign up Owtel Long Distance?

You may register for Owtel Long Distance Service by calling the hotline at 1-888-999-0389 or through our website Once registered with Owtel Long Distance Service, you'll enjoy the huge savings on your long distance calls.

A2. Can I sign up without providing my social insurance number?

Yes. You can simply put "999999999" instead of your social insurance number in your application. If you have not moved recently, your name and address will be enough for us to verify your identity and credit history. In case we are not able to verify your credentials, we will contact you to request further information from you.

A3. If I register Owtel Long Distance, do I have to keep my local telephone company?

Yes. Owtel is an international telecom service provider who takes care of your long distance calls without installing any equipment in your home or office. You will still have to keep your current local telephone company which provides you with physical telephone lines, phone numbers and local call service. Your calls will go through our network only when you access to our toll free code (i.e. 1-888-999-6029) before dialing the long distance and international number you wish to call.

A4. When can I start to use the service after registration?

You can start to use the service immediately.

A5. Will Owtel cancel my current contract if I am using another long distance provider?

No. Owtel will not cancel your contract with your current long distance provider, as there is no switching of long distance service provider. Your calls will go through our network only when you access to our toll free code (i.e. 1-888-999-6029) before dialing the long distance and international number you wish to call.

A6. What if I change my telephone number?

If you are a current customer, please contact our customer service either by email or call us at 1-888-999-0389 to update your new telephone number.

A7. Will my local telephone company charged me for registering Owtel Long Distance?

No, your local telephone company will not charge you, as there is no switching of long distance service provider.

A8. When can I terminate my Owtel service?

There is no contractual obligation. You can terminate or switch to another carrier anytime.

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B1. What kind of calls can I place through Owtel Long Distance?

You can call anyone around the world. Please visit our website at to view our long distance and international rates.

B2. Any access code required before I place a call?

Yes, this service requires you to access a toll free code (i.e. 1-888-999-6029) before dialing the long distance and international number you wish to call.

B3. How to set speed dial on my account?

You can set your frequently call numbers to speed dial through our website.
Dialing Method: Dial 1-888-999-6029, and dial the speed dial number after prompt.

B4. Will I get rewarded if I refer others to Owtel Long Distance?

Yes, absolutely! You can benefit from our Global Referral Rewards Program wherein you can refer your friends even from US and Hong Kong. Once your referral start using the service, you will get up to 8% off by whatever they used. Start to login your account and refer as many friends as you like. As long as your referrals are using the service, you can save from your bills.

B5. How long can we enjoy the discount?

Referral Rewards is a lifetime benefit. Owtel will offer this discount every month as long as your referral(s) are using our services. This is one of the great Owtel benefits.

B6. Does the referral discount work for each referral or only one of them?

Owtel will reward you for each Referral who uses our service. The more referrals you have, the greater the discount you will get every month.

B7. What if referral discount is larger than my monthly bill?

Owtel will waive your monthly bill and you will not have to pay anything. In other words, you can use our services for FREE.

B8. How many people can I refer?

There is no limit. You can refer as many people you want. Owtel will offer the same great benefits and low rates to all your referrals.

B9. When will I start having the discount?

Once your referral start using the services, the referral discount will be automatically credited to your account. Your next bill will be deducted with the discount amount earned.

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Taxes and Fees

C1. Do I have to pay any monthly fees or minimums fees to use Owtel Long Distance?

You are only billed for a monthly fee $1.50 and the calls that you placed through Owtel Long Distance. If you don't place any calls, you will have no bill for the month.

C2. Is there a registration fee?

No. Owtel does not charge any customers for signing up for this service.

C3. Will I be charged for taxes and surcharges?

Yes. All Owtel Customers will be charged for taxes accordingly. Tax will depend on provincial rates.

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Billing and Payment

D1. How am I billed for the service?

The calls you placed through Owtel Long Distance are billed on a monthly basis from Owtel. It contains not only the amount due, but also comprehensive listing of calls you placed, including date, time, number dialed and duration as well as the detail of all taxes that you have to pay on your calls.

D2. Will I get charged if nobody answers my call?

No. Owtel does not charge if a call is not connected.

D3. When do I receive my bills?

Your bill is generated around an assigned day of each calendar month for the previous month's usage. We will mail out paper bills to your mailing address monthly.

D4. Can I view my bill online?

Sure, you can! Owtel Long Distance offers an online billing service. It updates your usage every 30 minutes.

D5. How do I settle my bills?

You can pay your bill through major financial institutions in person or by telephone/internet banking*. You can also either mail us your check or pay by credit card. Or, you may choose to settle your bill by auto-pay with your credit card. *Banks available

• HSBC Canada
• Scotiabank
• Bank of Montreal
• Royal bank
• TD bank
• Caisse Populaire/Desjardins
• National Bank
• All the Credit Unions in BC

D6. Can I pay Online?

Yes. You may use your Credit Cards for Canada.

D7. How long does it take to start the auto pay after my setting?

We will start to deduct the monthly payment on your account in the next billing date.

D8. Can I change my credit card number for auto pay?

Yes. Please change through our website or contact our Customer Service at 1-888-999-0389 to change your auto pay details.

D9. Can I cancel auto pay service if I want to pay by check?

Yes. Please cancel through our website or contact our Customer Service at 1-888-999-0389 to cancel auto pay service.

D10. Can I pay partial of my bill by auto pay?

No. You must pay the whole outstanding amount for that billing period. This would be processed by our auto payment service.

D11. Can I use other credit cards to settle my bill through auto pay?

Yes. You must have the consent from the card owner.

D12. Can I settle auto payment on a specific date; say the first day of each month?

Not at this time. We will deduct monthly payment from your account on your billing date.

D13. Is it safe to disclose my card number to Customer Service? Will they charge me at my account without letting me know?

Our system is very safe & secure. If you have instructed us to set up auto pay, we will only charge your card once after your billing date and all Owtel transactions will be stated clearly in your bank account statement every month.

D14. Is it possible to send me the bill through e-mail?

Yes. Your bill will be sent to your email address only upon request. We will still send your bill through mail every month.

D15. What if I believe my bill is not correct?

According to our Terms and Conditions, you should contact customer service immediately. If a mistake was made on your bill we will credit any over billed amount to your account or give you a refund. Please notice any billing disputes should be claimed within 3 months since your bill is sent.

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